Deadline extension

Camera-ready version deadline
extended to July 22nd 2015

Post publications

The following venues for the AsiaARES'15 post publications have been confirmed until now:

- SI on Foundations and Practice of Security in Emerging ICT Applications (IJCSSE, SCIE journal)

- Regular Issues in Journal of Wireless Mobile Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, and Dependable Applications (Scopus)


The online registration system is now available on the WCC-Website.
Please notice the special rates for authors and regular participants of ICT-EURASIA 2015. (As, AsiaAres 2015 is held as a special track conference within ICT-EURASIA 2015, registration for ICT-EURASIA 2015 is required).

Aims of AsiaARES

...better access of most current IT-security research results to and from the Asian region

...establish a community and a meeting point for security researchers and to make travel shorter and the venues easily accessible for researchers from Asia

AsiaARES 2015

AsiaARES 2015 will be held as a Special Track Conference within ICT-EURASIA in Daejeon, Korea.

AsiaARES provides…

... interactive sessions for research in progress papers and poster sessions

... virtual presentations for which you submit a video presentation in addition to your paper and the paper will be discussed using online collaboration Tools